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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:42 am

Guild Rules

All who join must follow these simple rules:-

1. Have fun! This is the most important part of our guild.
2. Be helpful! Remember it's easy for a high level character to help someone, so feel free to do it when you can.
3. Listen to the high ranked members of the guild. These people have been selected to help you have a better experience of the game.
4. Do not ask for a promotion. If you're helpful and committed, a promotion could be on the way soon!
5. Be respectful to all other member; remember there is a real person behind that character.
6. If someone asks for help in guild chat it is important that you reply to them, even if it's to say "Sorry I am busy / I do not know / I can't right now" Smile
7. Guild Members are asked not to beg repeatedly for money from other guild members or beg off other players.
8. Please try to keep bad language to a minimum in any chat. Swearing might be fun, but keeping it in moderation makes it even better!
9. Do not Leave a guild instance before it's done, without a good reason, It's a good idea to make sure you have enough time before you agree to join it. Keep in mind, people will respect you more if you say that you might not be able to finish it.
10. If you leave the guild please be polite and let us know before that time.
11. When in a raid please follow the raid rules (See Below)

Raid Rules
The rules in the instance are unfortunately stricter then what we would like but as there is big loot and a lot of time used in a group like this then its important we all understand them completely. By joining a raid you automatically agree to these rules.
General Rules:

1) There will be no switching of characters mid-raid unless the Raid Leader strongly feels, that having someone do so will increase the raid group's chances of success or, unless this has been agreed to prior to the start of the raid.

2) If you are to be late or absent to the raid or, will need to leave early, please inform one of the leaders in the raid. You will get a warning if you absent. - on 3 warnings you lose next week's lockout.

3) Have fun in the group and keep in mind a wipe is not the end of the world. We will wipe a lot during our learning stages.

4) As a progressive team, we must help each other, not criticise.

5) Follow the instructions of the raid leader, but do recommend and discuss any other tactic if you feel the current one feels wrong.

6) If you bring an alt to the run (In case the raid leader has allowed to) the raid leader will determine if you are allowed to roll on loot, during that raid session.

7) In case a raider is unable to come for some reason, the following regulations are implemented:
a) If the raider cannot attend during the first day of the raid lockout, the raider will be obliged to skip that week's lockout.
b) If the raider has already participated on the first day of the raid lockout, the raid leader will determine which member is going to join on the next run.

Disruptive behaviors:

1) Disruptive players will receive a warning in a whisper from the raid leader. The Raid leader will also inform the officers of the warning. A public warning will be given in the raid channel on the second offense. A third offense will result in being removed from the raid group.

2) During the raid, the Raid Leaders have the final say, no exceptions. Any disagreements will be addressed some time after the raid.

3) Disruption can come in many forms even when members of the raid making mistakes over and over again. If the raid leader receives 5 or more whispers from members reporting the same person then he/she will have to be removed and replaced from the run to allow it to continue with success.

Preparations before the raid:

1) You are expected to familiarize yourself with the strategies for the fights. You can find these strategies in wowhead/wowpedia or other such places or watch a video.

2) You should bring extra enhancements for the raid. Food buffs, elixirs, potions and other stuff may be the things that will determine the success of a raid.

3) Always repair before you attend the run.

Loot Rules:

1) Master Loot will be on for the entire Raid.

2) All trade skill materials collected in any raid are the property of the Guild. The Guild Leader and Officers will designate who will be responsible for collecting these items. The Guild Leader and Officers will determine how this loot will be distributed to guild members. IMPORTANT these items may not be resold.

3) The Raid leaders reserve the right to restrict who may bid/roll on any given item.

4) Any items not bid/roll on will be disenchanted and the shards will go to the guild bank for use in helping members gain new enchants.

5) BOP Patterns/Recipes will go to the designated Guild Profession Experts if they are on the run. If they do not require it then others will be invited to roll. BOE patterns/recipes will go to the guild bank unless a Guild Profession Expert needs it.

Raid Startup:

1) Only the raid leaders or Guild master should handle invites. At least one of them needs to be on 15 minutes before the raid is scheduled to start the invites.

2) Raid Members must be at the meeting stone 5 minutes before the raid’s start time.

3) 10 minutes after the raid time start, we will start replacing no-shows with substitutes. The only exception is if the player tells in advance that they will be late. For example, finishing up an AB game is not an acceptable excuse. Raid leaders will have the discretion to replace a player with a substitute.


1) Please be online and ready in case there are people that are unable or not online 10 minutes after the raid time. If something unexpected in real life comes up that will prevent you from being on time please tell an Officer as soon as possible.

Raid Leadership:

1) It's vital that the Raid Leaders speak with one unified voice. Therefore they should communicate in private before sharing important information with the raid.

2) The Raid leader determines when everyone is ready to attack. The Raid leader will designate the main puller,as well as he/she will designate targets.


1) Boss mods are a must since the boss encounters are going to be explained better. Healing addons as well as class specific addons are required as well for better performance.

2) You can go afk only when it is important to have an afk break (e.g. fast dinner break, bio break etc). You must announce that you will be AFK and announce when you have returned (A ready check will be used).

3) By joining the raid we will take it as you have read and agreed to all of these rules.
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Guild Rules
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