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 alieser - holy pala

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PostSubject: alieser - holy pala   Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:10 pm

-Real name and age: christian

-Why did you choose your current spec: becouse i love to play healer

-Are you able to change spec, if the guild requires you to: ofc

-Professions: i got mining on thsi but got almost all professions on alts.

-Raiding experience: in Cata only BH and a bit throne of the four winds

-Days and times you are able to raid all days for 19:00-23:30

-Previous guilds and reason you left paramount becouse it was a lvling guild and inglorious becouse they got new raid times that i cant hold

-Armory link: i know that my gear is not the best but it will not take me long to get it better. Very Happy

-The reason you chose Soulstealers as your new guild: becouse i am a funny player and a good raider

-And finally let us know a bit more about yourself (not required for those who have already filled in the Social Introduction Form): i am a boy on 16 years and a love to play wow and i am a very social player
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alieser - holy pala
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